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                   attractive apartments in the High Tatras
                         great prices  - english speaking staff
  phone: + 36 309 319 243 (Erika)  info@tatraktiv.hu
There are no shortages of good restaurants in Stary Smokovec. Most of them are serving traditional Slovak dishes, accompanied with local drinks and/or Czech/Slovak beers. Some of them might sound strange, but trust me: they all taste wonderful. Slovak cabbage soup (kapustova polievka) with home made sausage or the local garlic soup is great to taste and very filling as well. The other specialties of the region , are dishes made with cottage cheese, called bryndza. Dumplings made with it like "bryndzove halusky" or "bryndzove pirohy" are great with the local dark or blonde beers. Those who prefer meat dishes, will have a wide choices of pork in huge portions. To finish the meal and help digestion, you can try the local Slovak short drink "Demenovka", or its more famous counterpart from Czech Republic "Becherovka".
Restaurant Woodchuck (Svist) is right next to our apartments. Serves very good food and drinks. It is a trendy place, started to operate in 2005.
Mormota 1
Mormota 2
Right next to the slopes of Jakubkova Luka, you will find a small and cheap restaurant, called Alpina. It serves good food with great local drought beer.
Alpina 1
Alpina 2
Above the bus terminal, there is another restaurant worth to visit. Koliba "Albas" opens only 5 pm. so this place is for dinners. It serves traditional tasty  and simple slovakian "peasants" food.
Albas 1
Albas 2
Leaving Stary Smokovec, the best advice we can give you, is to look for signs "Koliba" or "Salas" for a restaurant. They usually have good, healthy home made food. Of course, saying this, we do not want to discourage you from visiting ordinary restaurants you find on your way.

Actually we would like to ask you, to send us some notes, in case you run into some really good restaurants, which we might not know about. Photos are also very welcome.