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Tatraktiv - sielés a Magas Tátrában
There are many ski tracks around our apartments. You can reach on foot many of them. The closest is, Jakubkova Luka, which is only 500 meters from us. This run is perfect for families with smaller kids. The slopes are very gently raising and will be a perfect ground for starters and for small kids to learn to ski. Better skiers could try the ski runs on Hrebienok. There are 4 tracks , which also could be reached on foot.

In the following, we will give you detailed information for all the ski runs which are in our vicinity ( no further than 30 kilometers).

Jakubkova Luka:

when you step out from Branisko, please go right. After 500 meters, you will see the tracks on the right. You can rent ski equipment here for young kids, if needed.

The lenght of the track is 910 meters.  It is a very easy track. The ski lift is 853 meter long.
The level difference between the lower and the upper point is only  107 meters.

Lift prices:  daily ticket for kids     sk 290   /    adults sk 490
4 hour ticket for kids sk 250   /   adults sk 410
family ticket 2+1 child sk 995  (this one is worth to buy, if everybody in the family will ski)
family ticket 2+2 or 3 children  sk 1220


leaving Branisko, you should turn to the left and after 800 meters you will reach the cable cart. It will take you up to Hrebienok. On Hrebienok, you can choose from 4 different tracks each with different levels of difficulty. Beside those tracks, you will find up there a 3 km long bob sledge track, which runs trough the forest, and comes down straight to Stary Smokovec.
Track from Hrebienok to Smokovec: length is 2800 meters. Difficulty: medium  Level difference: 868 meter. It is a  beautiful track, most of the track runs trough forests,  200 - 300 meters wide, all the way down to Stary Smokovec.
Lower meadow track: 850 meters long. Belongs to the easy category.
Upper meadow track: 650 meters long. Difficult track, only for good skiers.
Upper meadow track II.: 450 meters long. Only for good skiers.
Beside the cable cart, there are ski lifts serving the skiers. Total length of the lift tracks are  400 meters.

Cable cart prices:  adults sk 80  kids  sk 40 (up)
adults sk 40   kids  sk  20 (down)
adults sk 100  kids  sk  60 (forth and back)  

Prices for ski lifts are the same as on Jakubkova Luka.

Tatranska Lomnica:

You need a car to get to this track. It is 4 kilometers away from our apartments. If you want, you can get there, using the red and white local tatran train, which runs not far away from the apartments. At Tatranska Lomnica you will find several tracks with different difficulties.

Skalnate pleso: this track is 1260 meters long. Only for good skiers.
Lomnicke sedlo: 1380 meters long. Difficult track. Both tracks are above the sea level at 2180 meters. The air here is thicker and you can get tired easier, than on a lower slopes.

Skalnate pleso - Tatranska Lomnica: this run is 4800 meter longs with a medium difficulty. Beside the above, there are two more easy tracks at Tatranska Lomnica, for the absolute starters. At Tatranska Lomnica few companies running ski lifts. The biggest is TLD. Their 2 days tickets will cost sk 1220 for  adults and sk 730 for kids. Their daily tickets will cost sk 650 for adults and sk 220 for kids.

Strbske Pleso:
You will need a car to reach the ski runs at Strbske Pleso, which is 16 kilometers away from Branisko. To get there from Stary Smokovec, you have to follow the main road leaving our parking area to the left. You can also use the tatran rails. At Strbske Pleso there are 6 tracks with different difficulties.                                    
Solisko I track :  2300 meters long with medium difficulties.
Level difference is 438 meters.
Solisko II track : 935 meters long. Medium. Level difference is 211 meters. 

Lift prices: daily tickets for grown ups sk 690 and sk 490 for kids. In case you arrive in the afternoon with your family, do not buy the daily ticket. It will be cheaper to buy only tickets for the remaining time only.

Zdiar - Bachledova dolina:

this ski center is 25 kilometers away from Stary Smokovec. Ideal place for family skiers. Situated above the sea level only 860 meters, so skiing is not tiring at all. Ski lifts are equipped with double chairs.

Bachledka track : 2100 meters long, with medium difficulty. Level difference is 255 meters.
Majstrák track :   1140 meters long, recommended only for good skiers. Level difference is 310 meters.
Slalomak track :   950 meters long and difficult. Level difference is 310 meters.

Lift prices: daily tickets for adults sk 300   kids sk 250
               2 hours ticket for adults sk 200 kids sk160

Podbanské :

these tracks are 30 kilometers away from us, to the west direction.A very pleasant ski center with tracks 1520 meters long in total. The level difference is minimal, only 100 meters, which makes this center a perfect learning ground for starters. There are 4 ski lifts, so you never have to wait for your next ride.

Extremely cheap to rent skis. Standard skis sk 99 for one day,  carving skis sk 199 only per day.

Lift prices: daily ticket sk 390 (uniformily)
               one ride sk 40 (uniformily)